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Scaling, OKRs and bubbles.

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Scaling, OKRs and bubbles.
By Connected Paths (Riaz Kanani) • Issue #1 • View online
Fortnightly newsletter on rapidly scaling startups.
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Scaling overview from Y Combinator
Excellent overview of the varying aspects founders should think about when scaling their companies. I really like that he boiled it down at the end to communication being key. As the team expands, keeping everyone on message and aware is one of the biggest challenges. Read here
Using OKRs to keep everyone on track
Following on from the need for clear communication as the business grows, OKRs are an excellent way to support this. I rolled out OKRs previously and they quickly helped people understand where the company was going and how their role contributed to its success. Buffer has adopted the same and written a great article on the topic. Read here
The dangers of not seeking external views
When building a business it is really easy to live inside your own bubble and believe you know your market. It is really important to go outside your immediate network to understand what is really happening. WSJ illustrates this perfectly given the polarised debates happening around the US election with this interactive tool which shows you how different a Facebook newsfeed is thanks to their network. Read here

Interesting research
Examining how CEOs use Twitter (MIT). Find here.
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